Unless otherwise specifically provided in this title, the following conditions and restrictions apply to all committees and support organizations:
   A.   Residency:
      1.   Committee Members Generally Residents: Except as expressly provided otherwise, voting membership on any committee or support organization is limited to residents of the city appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council, who are persons eighteen (18) years of age or older.
      2.   Business And Property Owners: For purposes of committee voting membership, an owner of a business located in West Jordan and an owner of property located in West Jordan, even though the owner does not actually reside in West Jordan, are deemed residents of the city.
   B.   Nonresidents:
      1.   Nonresident Nonvoting Members: Nonresidents may be appointed as nonvoting members if the mayor finds that special expertise, unique needs of the committee or support organization, or special circumstances make such a nonresident appointment to be in the public interest.
      2.   Nonresident Voting Members: Committees with five (5) or fewer members may include one nonresident voting member and committees with more than five (5) members may include two (2) nonresident voting members. Committees may seek special consideration for additional nonresident voting members from the mayor in extraordinary circumstances.
      3.   Nonresident Members Prohibited: Nonresidents may not be appointed to the planning commission or West Jordan youth council.  (2001 Code § 2-6-107; 2009 Code § 2-1-7; amd. Ord. 10-08, 2-24-2010; Ord. 10-12, 4-28-2010; Ord. 11-04, 2-9-2011; Ord. 19-16, 4-10-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020; Ord. 20-38, 9-30-2020)