A.   Committee Member Terms: The terms for each member of a committee shall be three (3) calendar years, unless otherwise specifically provided by law. The initial terms for members of newly created committees may be shortened or lengthened by the city council, so as to achieve a staggering of term expirations and to maintain continuity of the committee. The term of each committee member shall expire: 1) on December 31 of the last year of the expiring term; or 2) in the circumstance where city residing is a requirement, the date when the said member ceases to have primary domicile in the city.
   B.   Support Organizations: Support organizations are separate legal entities and the terms and elections of trustees/directors/managers shall be as provided in the entity's organizational documents and in applicable Utah law.
   C.   Term Limits:
      1.   Basic Term Limit: Committee members may only serve for two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms and/or parts of terms on any one committee.
      2.   Six (6) Year Service Limit: No committee member may be appointed or reappointed if the consecutive years of service would exceed six (6) consecutive calendar years on that committee. For purpose of the six (6) year limitation, service for part of a year shall be deemed service for a full year; further, service rendered on a committee to fill the unexpired term of another member shall be included in the six (6) year limitation calculation.
      3.   Reappointment After Service Break: A qualified person may be reappointed to the same committee after serving six (6) consecutive years if there has been a break in service of at least one calendar year.
      4.   Council Waiver: Notwithstanding the provisions in subsections C1 through C3 of this section, and upon the recommendation of the mayor, the city council may waive the application of these provisions as to any committee member by resolution of reappointment expressly waiving the application of these provisions.
      5.   Support Organizations: Board members and officers of support organizations are elected annually, and any limit on the number of years such a board member or officer may serve shall be provided in the entity's bylaws.
   D.   Transition To New Form Of Government: The terms for each member of each committee appointed before the change of government effective date shall be unaffected by the change to the council-mayor form of municipal government (see definitions in section 1-3-2). This subsection shall not be construed to limit the mayor's authority, after the change of government effective date, to terminate or remove a committee member pursuant to section 2-1-18.  (2001 Code § 2-6-104; amd. Ord. 10-08, 2-24-2010 and 2001 Code § 2-6-108; 2009 Code § 2-1-8; amd. Ord. 10-08, 2-24-2010; Ord. 13-09, 3-27-2013; Ord. 19-28, 10-09-2019; Ord. 19-16, 4-10-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020; Ord. 20-38, 9-30-2020)