A.   Multiuse and Equestrian Trail Layout: Trails shall be required in all locations shown on the West Jordan trails map, and shall connect to existing trails from adjacent subdivisions.
   B.   General Design Principles:
      1.   All primary trail (drainage) corridors shall adhere with the standards and guidelines of the West Jordan "Parks, Recreation, Trails And Open Space Handbook" including required dedication widths, trail standards, fencing/wall requirements, and landscape requirements.
      2.   Multiuse trails shall have a minimum twelve foot (12') paved section with a two foot (2') graded path on either side.
      3.   Trails along a wash/creek shall be set back a minimum of ten feet (10') from the top of bank, which shall be a landscape buffer. If the wash/creek has a slope greater than three to one (3:1), a fence or other type of separation may be required, as determined by the city engineer and the planning commission.
Fencing shall comply with the provisions of subsection 13-14-3D of this code, and shall be located within said landscape buffer.
      4.   The equestrian trail shall be a minimum ten foot (10') graded path. Unless other construction material is approved by the city engineer the path shall be constructed of decomposed granite with a diameter of one-half inch (1/2") or less, to a depth of three (3) or four inches (4"), underlayed with a weed barrier fabric per subsection 13-7B-6G of this code. A minimum four and one-half foot (41/2') vegetative buffer shall be required from the multiuse trail and a nine and one-half foot (91/2') minimum vegetative buffer from the proposed or existing property lines.
      5.   Pedestrian trails and equestrian trails should be located on opposite sides of the creek or wash.
      6.   A minimum seven foot by fourteen foot (7' x 14') rest stop shall be provided every one-fourth (1/4) mile along the length of the trail. The minimum rest stop amenities shall be a bench, trash receptacle, trail signage and two (2) shade trees. All trees and manicured landscaping areas shall be irrigated.
      7.   Trail landscaping shall be native to the area and provide a food source for wildlife. Refer to the West Jordan "Landscape Guidelines Handbook" for the type of landscaping to be used within the corridors.
      8.   The landscape design shall be consistent with title 13, chapter 13 of this code.
      9.   Trails shall maintain a minimum vertical clearance of ten feet (10').
      10.   Unless otherwise approved by the planning commission, the open space corridor shall be separated from residential lots which back onto the space by a fence in accordance with subsection 13-14-3E of this code. (2001 Code § 87-5-116; amd. 2009 Code; Ord. 13-17, 4-24-2013; Ord. 19-51, 12-11-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020)