All utilities shall be designed and constructed in accordance with section 8-2-4 of this code and with the following standards:
   A.   Public Utility and Drainage Easements on Lots: The owner/developer shall dedicate public utility, postal and drainage easements as follows:
      1.   Ten feet (10') across the front lot line;
      2.   Seven and one-half feet (71/2') across the back lot line;
      3.   Ten feet (10') across the back lot line of lots located on the perimeter of the subdivision;
      4.   Three foot by five foot (3' x 5') postal service easements, located on adjacent property lines and adjacent to the public right of way at such locations as approved by the city engineer after consultation with the city postmaster or designee for the location of neighborhood box units;
      5.   Drainage easements shall be required along the side lot lines between alternating lots. The accumulation of water from more than two (2) lots along interior lot lines shall not be permitted unless provision is made for the appropriate disposal of accumulated water; and
      6.   The city engineer may require public utility and other public easements at additional locations, or at different locations as reasonably necessary to accommodate other easements or public facilities.
   B.   Fire Protection:
      1.   Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants shall be located as specified by the fire chief or designee. Fire hydrants shall be provided and installed in compliance with the city public improvement standards, specifications and plans manual.
      2.   Water Pressure: Where existing distribution pipelines are available for fire protection services, the owner/developer may connect to such pipelines. However, the city will not provide pressure and flow capacity greater than the capabilities of the existing system. Fluctuations in the existing system conditions may occur as the overall city system is modified. (2001 Code § 87-5-111; amd. 2009 Code; Ord. 10-03, 1-27-2010; Ord. 19-51, 12-11-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020)