A.   Permitted: The development of lots on private streets may be approved by the planning commission where it finds that:
      1.   The lot is part of a condominium, planned development or multi-family development and otherwise has a sufficient access to a public street; or
      2.   The private street serves a limited, infill development which the planning commission finds cannot otherwise be practicably developed with lots on a public street.
   B.   Minimum Requirements: A private street shall meet the following minimum requirements:
      1.   The pavement width of the street shall comply with the city specifications for street pavement;
      2.   A clear area of five feet (5') is required on each side of the pavement, except in cases where lots adjoin only one side of the pavement. In such cases, a clear area of five feet (5') is required on the same side as the lots. Such clear area shall be free from bushes, trees and/or structures;
      3.   A sufficient turnaround at or near the end of the street shall be provided in order to accommodate emergency vehicles;
      4.   Private streets having paved travel width less than twenty eight feet (28') shall be posted with "No Parking" signs; and
      5.   No private street may be constructed as the direct linkage between two (2) public streets, except where approved by the planning commission. A traffic study acceptable to the engineering department may be required with any request to create such connection. (2001 Code § 87-5-107; amd. 2009 Code; Ord. 13-17, 4-24-2013)