14-5-2: LOTS:
   A.   Arrangement: All lots will be arranged and designed to comply with all requirements of this title.
   B.   Size: All lots shall conform to the minimum area and width requirements for the zone in which the subdivision is located.
   C.   Frontage: Each lot shall have frontage on a public street dedicated by the subdivision plat or on an existing public street. Lots having frontages on two (2) or more streets shall be prohibited, except for corner lots and lots in subdivisions which back onto arterial and collector streets outside of the subdivision boundary.
   D.   Side Lot Lines: Side lines of lots shall be at approximately right angles to the street line or radial to the street line.
   E.   All Land to be Included In Lots: All land within the subdivision shall be included in building lots, designated open space, or within areas dedicated for public use. The subdivision shall not create lots or parcels that do not conform to the city ordinances.
   F.   Survey Stakes: Survey stakes shall be placed at both front and back lot corners to identify the lot boundaries on the ground. Back lot corners shall be marked with a metal pipe or rod driven into the ground and front lot corners shall be identified with permanent plugs in the back of the curb. All lot corners shall be in place prior to the issuance of building permits and after the completion of all subdivision improvements. It shall be the responsibility of the lot owner to ensure that all lot corners are in place prior to the final inspection of the house.
   G.   Public Utilities: Public utilities are exempted from certain requirements of this code as provided in section 13-15-4 of this code. (2001 Code § 87-5-102; amd. 2009 Code; Ord. 14-08, 3-12-2014; Ord. 19-51, 12-11-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020)