Ord. No.   Date   Description
61-1040   6-19-61   Accepts recommendation for zoning 6.874 acres near Rt. 40; zoned for business purposes; supplements Ord. 757.
Res.64-1200   9-21-64   Approves action on zoning change requested by D. Stetham.
65-1240   4-5-65   Adopting recommendation to change area E. of Heath Ave. from B- 2 to B-1 District.
66-1298   3-16-66   Approves recommendation to zone 147.48 acres as M-2 District; Harsco Corp., applicant.
Res.66-1324   7-25-66   Approves recommendation to zone lands of Central Ohio Investment Co. as M-2 District.
Res.67-1410   10-10-67   Approves recommendation to rezone land near Ohio Ave. and Ohio Rt. 142.
71-1611   5-3-71   Approves recommendation to zone 18.283 acres as R-2 District (14.224 acres) and R-3 District (4.059 acres); Cecil Converse and American Housing Guild-Ohio, applicants.
71-1636   9-20-71   Tracts in Westwood Estates Addition from R-1 to R-2 District.
79-16   3-5-79   3.2 acres between Mill St. and S. Heath St. from R-2 to R-3 District, to be used for senior citizen housing.
79-27   4-2-79   Lot 27, Hatfield Sub-Division, from R-2 to R-3 District.
82-11   2-1-82   Accepts recommendation to continue zoning “Leon’s Ashland VW” at 535 W. Main St. as B-2 Highway Business District.
84-65   8-20-84   Accepts recommendation to rezone Lots 9 and 10, Fairview Addition from B-2 to R-2 District.
85-64   11-18-85   14.143 acres owned by N.J. Looby from M-1 Restricted Industrial to R-2 Low Density Residential District; amends Zoning Ord. of 1962.
88-102   12-19-88   Accepts recommendation to rezone 2 land tracts on W. Main St. from B-3 (Community Shopping Center) to R-5 (Multi-Family Dwellings).
90-14   2-5-90   Accepts recommendation to rezone Lots 41 and 42 at E. Town and N. Center Sts. from M-1 to B-1 District.
90-16   2-5-90   Accepts recommendation to rezone 25 acres on S.R. 29 from A-1 to M-2 District.
90-23   2-19-90   Accepts recommendation to rezone 25 acres off Rt. 29, N. of U.S. 40, N. of and near Jefferson Industries from A-1 to M-2 District.
90-58   4-16-90   Accepts recommendation to rezone Lots 5-7, Hancock Addition, from M-2 to B-1 District.
96078   12-16-96   Accepts recommendation to rezone 3.375 acres at 1027 S.R. 142 from A-1 to R-2 District.
97086   10-20-97   Accepts recommendation to rezone 2 tracts of land at U.S. Rt. 40/S.R. 29 intersection from A-1 and B-2 to PCD District.
00-026   3-20-00   Accepts recommendation to rezone 2.5690 acres from M-2 to B-2 District.
01-009   1-22-01   Accepts recommendation to rezone 16.797 acres fronting on S.R. 29 from A-1 to M-2 District.
01-024   5-7-01   Accepts recommendation to grant lot split, rezoned from M-1 to B-1 District; requested by Seeds Ohio LLC.
01-068   11-19-01   Accepts recommendation to rezone 2 tracts between U.S. Rt. 40 and S.R. 142 from A-1 (Agriculture) to PCD (Planned Commerce) District.
01-069   11-19-01   Accepts recommendation to rezone 80.198 acres on N. side of West Jefferson Kiousville Rd. from R-2 to Condominium Housing and R- 1 Single Family Residence) Districts.
02-034   7-1-02   Accepts recommendation to rezone 465.54 acres partially bordered by Byerly Rd. from M-1, B-2 and A-1 to PCD District; MTB Corp., property owner.
02-041   8-19-02   Accepts recommendation to rezone 91.5 acres at 7255 S.R. 142 from A-1 (Agriculture) to PCD (Planned Commerce ) District.
05-023   3-76-05   Accepts recommendation to rezone 8 acres at 6430 S.R. 29 from A- 1 (Agriculture) to M-2 (General Industrial) District.
07-038   7-16-07   Approves recommendation to rezone 7 properties on W. Main St., W. Pearl St. and Pond St. from M-1 to B-1 District.
07-045   8-6-07   Approves recommendation to rezone 6.48 acres from A-1 (Agriculture) to PCD (Planned Commerce) District.
08-046   7-21-08   250.7 acres located north/northeast of State Route 29 and south of Interstate 70 being developed by Rex Project Management zoned PCD (Planned Commerce) District.
09-012   3-16-09   21.3954 acres located at 5160 State Rt. 29 (Webb Property) from A-1 (Agricultural) to PCD (Planned Commerce) District.
13-049      6-19-13   21.289 acres being Parcel No. 10-01998.000 and 10-01998.004 from A-1 (Agricultural) to M-2 (General Industrial).
14-017      3-3-14      6.35 acres owned by J. & L. Rotunda LLC from B-2 (Highway Business) to PCD (Planned Commerce District).
17-060   10-9-17   Adds Planned Mixed-Use District.
17-077   11-20-17   Designates the properties at 49 & 50 Burham Street as M-2 (Manufacturing).
18-046      7-2-18      Approving a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission to re-zone certain property located at 120 Jackson Street from B-1 to R-3 pursuant to a petition filed by Mr. Ed. Haenzel.
18-078      11-5-18   Rezones 205.514+/- acres in the Village located on US Route 40, AKA “The Maple Project” from R (Residential) to PCD (Planned Commerce District).
18-079      11-5-18   Rezones 394.338+/- acres in the Village located on US Route 40, AKA “The Sky Ranch Property” from A-1 (Agricultural) to PMU (Planned Mixed Use District).
19-041      5-6-19      Rezones 375.955+/- acres of land, known as “Looby Estate” from A-1 (Agriculture) to PCD (Planned Commerce District).
20-036      5-4-20      Zoning parcels 16-00025.000 and 10-01900.000, located at 681 West Jefferson-Kiousville Road and 1 Roughrider Drive, respectively; as Planned Unit Development (PUD).
20-068      10-5-20   Rezones 21+/- acres of land (Parcels 10-00980.000, 10-01806.001, and 10-01842.000) from Agriculture (A-1), Residential (R-2), and Business (B-3) to Planned Mixed Use (PMU.)
20-096      10-5-20   Rezones 27+/- acres of land (Parcels 10-00992.000, 10-00992.001, and 16-00034.000) from Residential (R-2), and Residential (R-2), to Planned Mixed Use (PMU).
21-053      8-16-21   Rezones 9450 West Broad Street Galloway, Parcel #16-00051.000, from General Commercial (C-2) to Highway Business District (B-2).
22-044   6-6-22   Approving the zoning request of Parcel #08-00582.000 9640 West Broad Street, as a PMU District.
22-046   7-5-22   Rezones 4.390 +/- acres of land (Parcel # 16-00054.000 and Parcel # 16-00061.000) from Commercial (C-2) and Commercial (C-2) to Planned Commercial District (PCD).
22-048   8-22-22   Sets the zoning classification at the time of annexation of Parcel 08-00582.000 to Planned Mixed Use District (PMU).
23-021   3-20-23   Rezones Parcel #10-02012.000 from an R-3 (Residence District-Single/Two Family) to PMU (Planned Mixed Use District) concerning Timber Cove Apartments LLC.
23-026   4-17-23   Sets the zoning classification at the time of annexation of Parcel #08-00344.000 to Planned Commercial District (PCD).
23-030   5-15-23   Rezones Parcel #10-01897.000 from an R-2 (Residential) to P (Park District) concerning Westwood Park.
23-031   5-15-23   Rezones Parcel #10-00692.002 from an C-2 (General Commercial) to PMU (Planned Mixed Use District) concerning Tidd Funeral Home.
23-032   5-1-23      Rezones Parcels #34-00005.000, 34-00006.000, and 16-00033.000 from an C-2 (General Commercial) to PMU (Planned Mixed Use District) concerning National Road Golf Course.
23-033   5-1-23      Rezones Parcels #10-01900.000, 10-01901.000, and 16-00025.000 from an PUD (Planned Unit Development) to PMU (Planned Mixed Use District) concerning Jefferson Local School District - Grade School and High School.