Ord. No.   Date   Description
850   10-17-57   Unnamed alley (2 parcels) between S. Heath St. and S. Chester St.
859   12-15-57   London St. (formerly West St.) in Mortimer and Newman Addition between Lots 79 and 80.
61-1016   5-1-61   Unnamed alley between S.R. 142 and Pearl St.
61-1017   5-1-61   Portion of Sidner Ave.
63-1149   8-5-63   Portion of Hill St.
66-1289   1-17-66   Unnamed alley between Lots 3 and 4, Murrays First Addition; on application of L.E. and N.B. Wetzel et al.
67-1359   3-15-67   Portion of Howard’s Alley.
67-1361   3-20-67   Unnamed alley from Main St. to Town St.
67-1383   8-7-67   Unnamed alley between tract owned by Murray Properties, Inc. and between Lots 38 and 39 of Original Town of Jefferson Lots.
69-1486   5-5-69   Portion of alley abutting Lots 25 and 38, Milo Sawyer’s Railroad Addition.
69-1522   11-3-69   Unnamed alley (N/S) between E. Main St. and Pearl St.
69-1525   11-3-69   Portion of alley abutting Lots 51, 64, and 74, Milo Sawyer’s Railroad Addition.
70-1576   11-2-70   Unnamed alley running from South St. to E. Pearl St. and between S. Center St. and S. Chester St.
71-1650   12-6-71   Certain easements on Lot 57, West Chester Addition.
72-1682   6-5-72   Washington St. from Burnham St. on south to corporation line on north.
72-1695   8-7-72   Portion of Myrtle Ave.
Res.73-17   3-19-73   Alley between S. Walnut St. (W) and S. Center St. (E) from E. Pearl St. on south to E. Main St. on north.
73-27   5-7-73   Unnamed 12-ft. alley (N-S) between 158 E. Main St. and 166 E. Main St.
75-37   6-19-75   Unnamed alley from W. Main St. to W. Pearl St. and between Lots 38 and 39 of Mortimore and Newman Addition.
76-17   4-19-76   Myrtle Ave.
76-50   12-6-76   Unnamed alley in Jones 3rd Addition.
77-1   1-3-77   Unnamed alley bordered on north by E. Main St., on south by E. Pearl St., on west by Lot 23, Original Town of West Jefferson, and on east by Lot 22, Original Town of West Jefferson.
77-55   9-6-77   10-ft. walkway (E-W) between Parkdale Dr. and Norwood School property, bounded on north by Lot 241 and on south by Lot 242, Westwood Addition, Sec. 3.
77-67   12-5-77   Unnamed alley (E-W) running from Chester St. on east, extending west, between Lots 25 and 26, Jones Third Addition, and Lot 22, Gregg’s First Addition.
78-65   10-2-78   10-ft. alley in Jefferson Railroad (Milo Sawyers) Addition and running north from Burnham St.
78-66   10-2-78   Unnamed (N-S) alley from Franklin Ave. on south to Jones St. on north and between S. Center St. and S. Chester St., Jones Addition.
79-104   11-5-79   Unnamed alley (E-W) bounded on south by Lot 1, Gregg’s First Addition, on east by Center St., on north by Lot 22 of Jones Third Addition, and on west by Jefferson Local School property.
79-120   12-17-79   Portion of Pearl St.
80-46   7-7-80   Unnamed alley in Jones Addition.
82-36   7-19-82   Unnamed alley in Jones 1st Addition.
82-61   10-19-82   Unnamed 10-ft. wide alley bounded on west by Mill Rd., on north by Wagner property, on east by West Jefferson Land Co. property and on south by Wagner .299 acre tract.
83-23   5-23-83   Gregg St. from Lincoln St. to dead end at Lot 20, Merriman’s 2nd Sub-Division.
89-75   8-21-89   Unnamed alley in Burnham and Bliss Addition.
90-70   5-21-90   Unnamed alley between Lots 6 and 7, Fickey’s Addition and east of/adjacent to N. Center St.
95061   8-21-95   Unnamed alley running from S. Center St. west to unnamed alley east of Garrette Park.
97071   8-4-97   Unnamed alley (N-S) between W. Main St. and W. Town St.
98049   8-17-98   Unnamed alley (E-W) between Lots 27 and 28, Jones 3rd Addition on north, Lot 1 of Forrest Park Addition on south; bound (W) by S. Chester St. and (E) by unnamed alley (N-S) between Jones St. and Franklin Ave.
98084   12-21-98   Portion of unnamed alley: the north half of unnamed alley (N-S) lying west of N. Franklin St., bound on north by Martin Ave., on south by extension of south line of N. ½ of Lot 34, Darby Side Addition, on west by Lot 1, Johnson and Loveless Subdivision and on east by Lots 36, 35 and N. ½ of Lot 34, Darby Side Addition.
99069   11-15-99   Amends Ord. 72-1695 (Myrtle Ave.).
00-017   2-21-00   Unnamed alley (E-W) between N. Walnut and N. West St., bounded on north by Lots 3, 7 and 9, Burnham and Bliss Addition, and on south by Lots 2, 6 and 8, Burnham and Bliss Addition.
00-025   4-3-00   Portion of unnamed alley (N-S) bounded on south by line 125 ft. south of south line of Martin Ave. running E-W between Lots 14 and 19, bounded on north by south line of Martin Ave., bounded on west by Lots 17, 18 and north ½ of Lot 19, Darby Side Addition, and bounded on east by Lot 15 and north ½ of Lot 14, Darby Side Addition.
011-058   9-17-01   Portion of Howard’s Alley.
06-053   12-18-06   Portion of unnamed alley between lots in Newman and Mortimore Addition; L. Hockenbery and E. Crabtree, petitioners.
06-062   1-2-07   Portion of unnamed alley between West St. and Walnut St., south of Water St., north of Town St.; R. Horton on behalf of Fisher Cast Steel, petitioner.
07-023   5-7-07   Portion of unnamed alley between Jones St. and South St., east of Chester St., south of Heath Lane.
10-080   9-20-10   A portion of Water St.
14-074   4-6-15   A portion of an unnamed alley located in the Village between Walnut St. and West St. as prayed for by petition John Harmyer.
15-072   3-7-16   An unnamed alley located in the Village between Washington St. and Jackson St.
15-073   12-21-15   An unnamed alley located in the Village between Depot St. and Washington St.
17-011   2-6-17   An unnamed alley located in the Village running north and south between Center Street and Chester Street and being south of Franklin Street.
17-048   7-17-17   A portion of an unnamed alley located in the Village running behind 52 N. Hampton Street and abutting parcels 10-01237.000, 10- 1238.000 and 10-01239.000.
17-049   7-17-17   A portion of an unnamed alley located in the Village beginning at the Rear of 40 N. Hampton Street and going south behind 36 N. Hampton Street and ending at W. Town Street.
17-050   7-17-17   A portion of an unnamed alley located in the Village beginning at Frey Avenue and going west for 126 feet ending at the intersecting alley which runs north and south behind 69 Frey Avenue and 77 Frey Avenue.
18-085      11-19-18   Approving a petition to vacate a portion of an unnamed alley located in the Village running north and south between Twin St. and West St., bounded on the north by 47 W. Main St. heading south 150 ft. and bounded on the south by W. Pearl St.
19-029      3-4-19      A portion of Veterans Way (originally Water Street) and Center Street.
19-127      12-2-19   Approving a petition to vacate an unnamed alley located at the front of 76 East Town Street going north 132 feet to Water Street.