(a)   Any newly constructed building in the Village that claims a real property tax abatement authorized by any governmental entity with respect to all or any portion of the real property taxes that would otherwise have been paid on the building is an “Abated Building.”
(Ord. 17-024. Passed 3-6-17.)
   (b)   (EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (b) was repealed by Ordinance 19-085, passed July 15, 2019.)
   (c)   The Village shall collect the Fire and EMS Service Fee from the Taxpayer upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy to an Abated Building.
   (d)   The Village Fiscal Officer shall establish a Fire and EMS Services Fee account (the “Account”) where all Fire and EMS Services Fees collected will be deposited. The Village Fiscal Officer shall establish and implement necessary accounting control to ensure that the funds are properly deposited, accounted for, and appropriated in accordance with this section and other applicable legal requirements.
   (e)   The Village shall remit all Fire and EMS Services Fees collected and deposited into the Account to the Township as provided in R.C. Section 9.60.
(Ord. 17-024. Passed 3-6-17.)
   (f)   Council hereby amends this section to clarify any contracts for firefighting agencies, private fire company, or emergency medical services as defined in Ohio R.C. 9.60.
   (g)   Council hereby adopts a Fire and EMS Fee and a Fire Plan Review Fee Application to certain buildings for the Political Subdivision providing the fire and emergency medical services.
(Ord. 21-045. Passed 5-17-21.)