1177.07 SIDEWALKS.
   Any parcel of land, whether a lot of record, or part of a subdivision, when improved with a building or buildings, shall also be improved by the construction of sidewalks as required by the Engineer or Council, unless otherwise specified by the Engineer or Council.
   (a)   Excavation shall be made to required depth and to width, that will permit the installation and bracing of forms. The forms shall be of wood or steel, set in a true line and staked to avoid bulging. The subgrade shall be shaped and compacted to a firm surface. The surface of walks shall be divided into equal spaced blocks at approximately 5 foot intervals.
   (b)   Expansion joints ½ inch thick shall be installed at least every 25 feet. The surface shall have a transverse slope of 1/4 inch per foot. Dimension shall be 48 inches wide and a depth of 4 inches--unless otherwise specified by inspector. Areas of sidewalk, which will carry vehicle traffic such as driveway or lot entrance shall be at least 8 feet in length for single drive, and 16 feet for double drive, and a depth of 6 inches.
   (c)   Capping of old sidewalks will be permitted--with the permission of inspector in charge.
   (d)   Concrete shall be class (c) 6-1/2 bags or 611 lbs. per cubic yard. All outside edges and joints shall be edged.
   (e)   Forms may be removed when concrete is set enough to avoid crumbling of edges. In case of freezing weather-- concrete shall be protected with straw or any suitable covering.
   (f)   Owner or contractor shall notify inspector at least 48 hours (2 working days) before concrete is placed in forms.
   (g)   Where the construction is being performed, the owner or contractor shall provide and erect barricades, warning signs and maintain lights, that may be needed for the protection of pedestrian traffic during the construction of said work.
   (h)   Handicap Ramps. All new and replacement sidewalks shall have handicap ramps at all street intersections and designated crosswalks.
      (Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)