The preliminary plat shall be deemed submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission within fifteen (15) working days following the filing of said plat with the Clerk of Council as provided under Section 9.04, Village Charter, "Any matter so referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission shall be considered and acted upon by it within ninety (90) days from the date of referral, unless a longer time be authorized by Council."
   "If the Planning and Zoning Commission shall fail to act within the ninety (90) days, the applicant seeking action on the matter referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission may request the Council to act thereon without actions from the Planning and Zoning Commission. If the Planning and Zoning Commission fails to act in the time allotted by Council, Council may act as if it had received recommendation of approval in such matters."
   The approval of the preliminary plat does not constitute an acceptance of the subdivision, but merely authorizes the developer to proceed with work on the final plat. One copy of the approved preliminary plat, signed by the Director of Public Service, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mayor and Village Engineer, shall be retained in the office of the Clerk of Council. One signed copy shall be given to the subdivider.
   Receipt of such signed copy is authorization for the subdivider to proceed with the preparation of detailed plans and specifications for the minimum improvements required in this Ordinance, and with the preparation of the final plat. Prior to the construction of any improvements required or to the submission of any bond, the subdivider shall furnish the Council all plans, information and data necessary for said improvements. These plans shall be examined by the Council and will be approved if in accordance with the requirements of this Ordinance. Following this approval, construction can be started or the amount of the bond determined as provided.
(Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)