1173.07 CONTENTS.
   The contents of the preliminary plat are as follows:
   (a)   The general location of the subdivision.
   (b)   The name under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded and the names and addresses of the subdivider, the owners, and of the registered engineer or registered surveyor, platting the tract. The proposed name of the subdivision shall not duplicate the name of any other subdivision already in use in Madison County.
   (c)   The location of present property, section and Congressional Township Lines, U.S. Survey and lines of incorporated areas, streets, buildings, watercourses, sinkholes, tree masses and other similar existing features within the area to be subdivided and on property immediately adjacent thereto.
   (d)   The names and boundaries of all adjoining subdivisions and the names of the record owners of adjoining parcels of unsubdivided land.
   (e)   The zoning district or districts that affect the property to be subdivided.
   (f)   North point, scale, date, and acreage.
   (g)   Existing contours with intervals of five (5) feet where the slope is greater than 10 percent and not more than one (1) foot where the slope is less than 10 percent. Elevations shall be based upon sea level datum. The location of bench marks and their elevation, and all other monuments shall also be shown.
   (h)   The proposed location, name and dimensions of streets, alleys lots, building lines and easements and the approximate area of lots in square feet.
   (i)   The location and size of existing and proposed sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, culverts, street lights and other utilities and underground structures and other public improvements within the tract or immediately adjacent thereto.
   (j)   Parcels of land intended to be dedicated to or temporarily reserved for public use, or reserved by deed covenant shall be clearly indicated and the conditions proposed for such covenants and for the dedications shall be shown on or attached to the preliminary plat.
   (k)   The location and results of tests made to ascertain subsurface soil conditions shall be shown if required by the Commission. The location and results of soil percolation tests shall be indicated if individual sewage disposal systems are proposed.
   (l)   When lots are located on a curve or when side lot lines are at angles other than ninety (90) degrees, the width of the lot at the building line shall be shown.
      (Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)