The following regulations, conditions, and procedures shall apply to the development of properties for permitted and conditional uses in Restricted Industrial Districts:
   (a)   General Provisions.
      (1)   The owner of a tract of land located in any district at or near a proposed restricted industrial area is shown on the future Land Use Plan, containing not less than five (5) acres may submit to the Planning and Zoning Commission for its review a preliminary plan for the use and development of such tract of land for industrial uses permitted in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall review the proposal and make recommendations on it to the Council.
      (2)   In accepting such plan for review the Planning and Zoning Commission must be satisfied that the proponents of the office or industrial development are financially able to carry out the proposed project, that they intend to start construction within one (1) year of the approval of the project and intend to complete it within a reasonable time as determined by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
   (b)   Location and Character of Development.
      (1)   The proposed office and industrial development is located so that reasonably direct traffic access is supplied from principal thoroughfares and where congestion will not likely be created by the proposed development or where congestion will be alleviated by presently projected improvements of access thoroughfares, by demonstrable provisions for traffic and parking.
      (2)   The plan shall provide for an office or industrial development consisting of one (1) or more buildings of integrated and harmonious design, together with adequate and properly arranged traffic and parking facilities and landscaping, which will fit harmoniously into and will have no adverse effects upon the adjoining or surrounding development.
   (c)   Permitted Uses. The uses permitted in an "M-1" and "M-2" district shall be those office buildings and industrial and related uses listed in Chapter 1119.
   (d)   Regulation. The following regulations shall apply to office and industrial developments in "M-1" and "M-2" districts:
      (1)   Building heights. No building shall exceed three (3) stories or forty-five (45) feet in height, except as modified by Section 1137.02 .
      (2)   Yards. No building shall be less than fifty (50) feet distant from any boundary of the tract on which the office or industrial development is located. Loading and storage shall be permanently screened from all adjoining properties located in any "R" district by a solid wall or compact evergreen hedge at least six (6) feet in height. All intervening spaces between the street pavement and the right-of-way line and intervening spaces between buildings, drives, parking areas and improved areas shall be landscaped with trees and plantings and properly maintained at all times.
      (3)   Tract coverage. The ground area occupied by all the buildings shall not exceed in the aggregate twenty-five percent (25%) of the total area of the lot or tract.
      (4)   Parking space. Not withstanding any other requirements of this Ordinance, there shall be provided one (1) off-street space for each two (2) employees on the maximum working shift. Parking areas will not be located closer than twenty-five (25) feet to any adjoining lot line in any "R" or "B" district and shall be set back at least fifty (50) feet from the street right-of-way line. The parking area shall be graded for proper drainage and improved so as to provide a durable and dust free surface with an asphaltic or portland cement binder pavement.
      (5)   Loading space. Notwithstanding any other requirements of this Ordinance, there shall be provided off-street loading or unloading space sufficient in area and vertical clearance to accommodate the maximum number of trucks and tractor-trailers anticipated at any one time.
      (6)   Access drives and illumination of parking areas. Access drives and illumination of parking areas shall conform to the requirements of Section 1133.04 (d).
      (7)   Signs. Signs for office and industrial developments shall be limited to wall- type signs on the principal building except that a small free-standing identification and directional sign not over fifteen (15) square feet in area may be erected at entrances to the office and industrial development. If signs are illuminated, the source of light shall not be visible.
   (e)   Submission and Approval of Final Development Plan.
      (1)   Upon determination by the Planning and Zoning Commission that the proposed office or industrial development, as shown by the preliminary plan, appears to conform to the requirements of this Section and all other applicable requirements of this Ordinance, the proponents shall prepare and submit a final development plan, which shall incorporate any changes or modifications required or suggested by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
      (2)   If the final development plan is found to comply with requirements set forth in this Section and other applicable provisions of this Ordinance, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall hold a public hearing and submit said plan with its report and recommendations to Council, which shall hold a public hearing on the proposed development plan.
      (3)   Following a public hearing, the Council may modify the plan, consistent with the intent and meaning of this Ordinance.
      (4)   After the final development plan has been approved by the Council, and in carrying out this plan, adjustments or rearrangements of buildings, parking areas, entrances, heights, or yards may be requested by the proponents, and provided such requests conform to the standards established by the final development plan and this Ordinance, such adjustments or rearrangements may be authorized by the Council.
         (Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)