(a)   The owner shall be responsible for identifying riparian setbacks as required by these regulations and shall indicate such setbacks on a site plan submitted to the Zoning Inspector. Two copies of the site plan shall be submitted. In addition to the requirements set forth in this Planning and Zoning Ordinance for a use and occupancy certificate or other zoning permit, the owner shall provide the following information to the Zoning Inspector:
      (1)   A Site Plan, depicting at a minimum, the following:
         A.   The boundaries of the lot, with dimensions.
         B.   The location of all designated watercourses.
         C.   The limits, with dimensions, of the riparian setback.
         D.   The existing topography at intervals of two feet.
         E.   The location and dimensions of any existing and proposed buildings, structures, uses and related soil disturbing activities in relationship to all designated watercourses.
         F.   The description and location, with dimensions plus a calculation of the total area, of all land development activities, soil disturbance, and impervious cover.
         G.   If the lot included in the site plan is a part of a platted and recorded subdivision, the riparian setback, if any, shall be as shown on said plat.
      (2)   Such other supplementary information as may be required by the Zoning Inspector or the Planning Commission to ensure compliance with the provisions of these regulations. Such information may include, but is not limited to, the following:
         A.   A site plan prepared by a professional engineer, surveyor, soils scientist, landscape architect or such other qualified professional and shall be based upon a survey of the affected lot.
         B.   The description and depiction of all erosion and sedimentation controls plus all storm water management controls, including all temporary and permanent best management practices.
         C.   North arrow, scale, date, and stamp bearing the name and registration number of the professional consultant who prepared the plan shall be provided.
   (b)   The Zoning Inspector, may, in reviewing the site plan, consult with the Medina SWCD or such other expert(s) retained by the Village of Westfield Center.
   (c)   If land development or soil disturbing activities will occur within 50 feet of the outer boundary of the applicable riparian setback as specified in these regulations, then prior to the initiation of any land development or soil disturbing activities, the riparian setback shall be clearly delineated on the affected lot by the owner with construction fencing as shown on the site plan and shall be maintained on the lot until the completion of such development or disturbance activities. No zoning permit shall be issued until the riparian setback delineation has been completed on the lot in accordance with the approved site plan.
(Ord. 2019-04.  Passed 4-2-19.)