(a)   All developments shall be required to obtain and install telecommunications conduit, to run from structures to publicly maintained and owned streets and roadways not incorporated within the development. This conduit is for the purpose of installation of fiber optic cable or similar telecommunications cabling, as available as follows:
      (1)   Conduit shall be obtained and installed while other utility lines and piping for each structure are being installed below ground, i.e. while the earth is disturbed;
      (2)   This section shall apply to both residential and commercial/industrial developments;
      (3)   Conduit shall be installed in cases both of original construction and any significant renovation or reconstruction, should such project require the disturbance of the ground for other utility purposes; and
      (4)   This section shall not apply in cases of emergency repair or maintenance of utility lines or piping.
   (b)   Conduit shall be placed at horizontal and vertical locations, and with such capacity, as determined by the Planning Commission. Owner shall submit the approved site plan, drawn to scale and identifying the locations and depth of the conduit.
   (c)   In cases where development includes streets or roadways to be converted to the Village of Westfield Center ownership and maintenance, conduit once installed becomes the property of the Village of Westfield Center and shall be documented on the development improvement plans.
(Ord. 2019-04. Passed 4-2-19.)