General Outline - Developers
The Zoning Ordinance is available on the Village website at: www.villageofwestfieldcenter.com
A complete Zoning Ordinance manual can be purchased at the Village Hall for $20.00. If you would like a manual mailed, the cost is $30.00.
Review the Applicable Chapters and Exhibits of the Zoning Ordinance.
Instructions for submittal, approval, land requirements, required documentation, and fees can be found in the individual Chapters of the Zoning Ordinance and the Exhibits.
Subdivision Plans, Commercial Plans require approval from the Village of Westfield Center Planning Commission. A meeting will be scheduled with the Village of Westfield Center Planning Commission after the necessary plans are submitted and the required fee is paid.
General Outline Residential or Commercial Builders
Residential or Commercial Builders:
Refer to applicable Chapter (1266 - Residential A, 1268 Residential B, or 1270 Commercial C, Chapter 1272 Provisions Applicable to All Districts, Chapter 1280 Signs.) All size and setback requirements are listed in the individual chapters.
Complete required form(s) and submit to Village Office with appropriate fee (Exhibit V). (The required documents to be included with the permit form(s) are listed on the individual forms).
Construction cannot begin until a permit has been approved.
(Ord. 2019-04.  Passed 4-2-19.)