The following types of signs are prohibited in the Village:
   (a)   Portable signs or trailer signs;
   (b)   Roof signs;
   (c)   Projecting signs that project more than 18 inches from the surface of a building wall;
   (d)   Signs using flashing lights or moving messages other than time or temperature signs which are permitted to use moving messages;
   (e)   Pennants or banners, except for temporary special event signs and for events sponsored by nonprofit organizations;
   (f)   A-frame or sandwich board signs;
   (g)   Signs resembling traffic control devices or signs;
   (h)   Signs on vehicles parked on any  premises, which vehicles are utilized for advertising rather than for the regular delivery of goods or services;
   (i)   Abandoned signs;
   (j)   Miscellaneous signs or posters tacked or posted on poles, walls, fences or other structures;
   (k)   Off-premises signs;
   (l)   Signs constructed of non-durable materials such as paper or cloth, except for temporary signs as specifically authorized by this section;
   (m)   Inflatable, lighter than air, or tethered balloon signs;
   (n)   Merchandise, equipment, products or other items that are placed for attention getting, advertising or identification purposes; and
   (o)   Suspended signs.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13.)
   (p)   No person shall place, or have placed, any sign in, over, or across any public right-of-way, or, in, over or upon public property, except for traffic control or other official public notice placed by a public official or employee in lawful performance of their duty. Any sign placed in violation of this section is subject to immediate removal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for special, public events organized by the Village of Westfield Center for general public participation within the jurisdiction of the Village, and which are held within 90 days before a primary, special or general election, the Village will designate an area in which campaign/issue signs may be posted by candidates, supporters or opponents of candidates or issues, or the general public, in a manner which clearly indicates that there is no endorsement of the candidate/issue by the Village or any entity thereof.