The area of a sign shall be determined as follows:
   (a)   Free-standing.  The area of a free-standing sign includes all lettering, wording and accompanying designs and symbols, together with the background, whether open or enclosed, on which they are displayed, but does not include any supporting framework, bracing or other structure incidental to the display. When a sign has two identical sides, back-to-back, the area shall be calculated for one side only. When a sign has more than two sides, the total area of all sides of the sign shall not exceed twice the maximum area for a two-sided sign.
   (b)   Wall Signs and Awning Signs.  For a wall sign, the sign area is considered to include all lettering, wording, accompanying designs or symbols and background material, but does not include any supporting framework and bracing which are incidental to the display. Where the sign consists of individual letters or symbols attached to, or painted on, a building surface, awning, canopy, marquee or window, the area shall be considered to be only the rectangular area of the letters or symbols.
   (c)   Maximum Area.  For wall signs, the maximum area is based on the horizontal width of the wall on which the sign is attached.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13.)