1280.03   DEFINITIONS.
   In addition to the general definitions in Section 1240.01, the following definitions apply specifically to this section:
   (a)   SIGN.  Any display figure, painting, drawing, banner, flag, placard, pennant, poster or other device intended to be read from a dedicated right-of-way, which is designed, intended or used to convey a message, advertise, inform or direct attention to a person, institution, organization, activity, place, object or product.  A sign may be a message painted or placed on, or attached directly or indirectly to a structure, natural object or vehicle.  For the purpose of construction and Zoning Regulations, including abandonment and removal of signs, “sign” includes sign structure.
   (b)   Classification by Use. Refer to Section 1280.07.
      (1)   GARAGE SALE SIGN.  A sign used by the occupant of a dwelling unit in any Zoning District to advertise a temporary sale of goods belonging to the owner or tenant and conducted on the premises of the dwelling unit.
      (2)   IDENTIFICATION SIGN. A sign in a Residential Zoning District indicating the name of a building such as a church, school, governmental facility or recreational facility on the lot on which the sign is located.
      (3)   NAMEPLATE.  A sign indicating the name, address or profession of a person occupying a lot or part of a building.
      (4)   OFF-PREMISES SIGN. A sign that is unrelated, either to a business or profession conducted, or to a commodity or service sold, on the premises where such sign is located.
      (5)   POLITICAL SIGN. A sign advocating action on a public issue or recommending a candidate for public office.
      (6)   PROJECT SIGN. A sign which directs attention to the promotion, development and construction of the property on which it is located and which identifies the architects, engineers, contractors and other individuals or firms involved with the construction.
      (7)   REAL ESTATE SIGN.  A sign advertising the sale, rental or lease of the premises or part thereof on which the sign is displayed.
      (8)   SHOPPING CENTER OR BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL OFFICE PARK SIGN. A free-standing sign advertising the name and/or logo of an integrated grouping of retail, personal service or business and professional office park uses. The center includes common architecture, parking areas, access drives and related design features and may include lesser amounts of offices and other kinds of non-retail commercial uses.
      (9)   TEMPORARY SIGN. A sign of any type, announcing special events or sales announcing the sale, lease or rental of property and designed to be used for a limited period of time.
      (10)   TRAFFIC DIRECTION SIGN.  A sign used to assist drivers in entering or exiting a property such as “In” or “Enter” signs.
   (c)   Classification by Structural Type.
      (1)   AWNING, CANOPY OR MARQUEE SIGN.  A sign that is mounted, painted, or attached to an awning, canopy or marquee.
      (2)   CHANGEABLE COPY SIGN.  A sign utilizing letters or pictorial panels which are readily changeable, which are not bolted or otherwise fastened to the sign panel, and which can be changed without the use of tools.
      (3)   FREE-STANDING SIGN. Any non-moveable sign which is not attached to a building, fence or similar structure and which is erected on a free-standing frame, mast or pole.
      (4)   GROUND SIGN.  A free-standing sign which has its supporting base designed as an integral part of the sign and which rests totally or primarily on the ground.
      (5)   ILLUMINATED SIGN. A sign which transmits light, either by means of either exposed tubing or lamps on its surface or internal light transmitted through sign faces.
      (6)   INDIRECTLY ILLUMINATED SIGN.  A sign which reflects light from an external source intentionally directed on it.
      (7)   INFLATABLE SIGN.  Any display capable of being expanded by air or other gas and used on a temporary or permanent basis to advertise a product or event.
      (8)   PORTABLE SIGN.  A sign not permanently attached to the ground or a structure.
      (9)   PROJECTING SIGN. A sign, other than a wall sign, projects and is attached to a structure or building face.
      (10)   ROOF SIGN. A sign which has its principal support on the roof or walls of a building and which has more than one-half of its vertical dimension above the roof peak or above an extension of the building façade.
      (11)   SUSPENDED SIGN.  The sign that hangs down from a marquee, awning or porch. Structure would exist without sign.
      (12)   WALL SIGN.  A sign painted on or attached to the exterior face of an exterior wall of a building, parallel with the wall and projecting not more than 12 inches therefrom.
      (13)   WINDOW SIGN.  A sign that is applied or attached to the interior of a window or located in such a manner that it can be seen from the exterior of the structure through a window.
   (d)   Other Sign Definitions.
      (1)   ABANDONED SIGN.  A sign which no longer correctly identifies any person or advertises a bona fide business or activity conducted or product available on the premises where such sign is displayed.
      (2)   FLASHING SIGN.  A direct or a indirectly illuminated sign that exhibits changing natural or artificial light or color effects by any means whatsoever.
      (3)   ITEM OF INFORMATION. As it pertains to sign graphics means a word, an abbreviation, a number or price, a symbol or logo or a sign with a geometric shape other than a rectangle, square, circle or triangle.
      (4)   NONCONFORMING SIGN.  An advertising structure or sign which was lawfully erected and maintained prior to the enactment of this section and any amendment thereto and which fails to conform to all applicable regulations and restrictions of this section.
      (5)   SIGN AREA.  The entire face of a sign, including the advertising surface and any framing, trim, or molding but not including the supporting structure.
      (6)   SIGN FACE.  The area or display surface used for the message.
      (7)   SIGN STRUCTURE. A structure which supports, has supported, or is capable of supporting a sign.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13.)