The Planning Commission shall conduct a Site Plan Review so that it may determine that the specific requirements of this Zoning Ordinance are being satisfied in the planning of the proposed project. The Commission may also take into account comments from Village Council or the general public in its evaluation of the project.  The Commission may attach such reasonable conditions to the approval of a site plan that if feels are necessary to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the general public and to maintain the integrity of an existing neighborhood in proximity to the development.
   (a)   Special Studies Required. In the event the Planning Commission feels that additional information is necessary in order to make its decision, it may instruct the applicant to conduct additional studies. The Planning Commission may have the Village Engineer review the Site Plan and engage other professional disciplines as determined by the Planning Commission. The cost of such reviews shall be paid by the applicant. A deposit may be required to guarantee such payment.
   (b)   Decision.  The Planning Commission shall approve or disapprove all site plans to come before it within 60 days of the initial Site Plan Review meeting. Such period may be extended by the Commission in the event that additional studies are required.
      (1)   Disapproval.  In the event that the Commission does not approve a proposed site plan, the Commission shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision.  When a site plan is not approved, it may not be resubmitted to the Commission unless correcting revisions have been made to the original plans. All re-submittals shall follow the application requirements set forth in this chapter.
      (2)   Approval.  In the event that the Commission recommends the approval of a proposed site plan, the Commission shall notify Village Council of its recommendation in writing.  The Chairperson of the Commission, or his or her designee, shall sign and date a copy of the approved plans and this copy shall become the officially approved site plan.  Upon approval, the applicant shall have one year from the date of approval to obtain a zoning permit.  The zoning permit shall be obtained in accordance with Chapter 1260.  Should this one-year period elapse without the applicant having obtained the zoning permit, the Site Plan Approval shall become null and void.  Should this become the case, the applicant may resubmit the application in conformance with the requirements of this chapter.
   (c)   Conformance with Site Plan Approval.  The Planning Commission may consider the revocation of a Site Plan Approval in the event that a proposed development whose zoning permit has not yet been granted is found to be in violation of the requirements of this Zoning Ordinance and/or the conditions attached to the approval by the Commission.  Should revocation be considered, the Commission shall schedule a hearing in which to consider the revocation and shall notify the original applicant and/or project representative of the date, time and place of hearing at least 20 days in advance of the meeting by certified mail. Any violation shall be treated as a violation to this Zoning Ordinance and be subject to penalty as specified in Section 1260.15 .
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13; Ord. 2019-04. Passed 4-2-19.)