(a)   No accessory building shall be erected in front of the front building line or in any required side yard established by this Zoning Ordinance.  No portion or part of any accessory structure/building shall be constructed within 15 feet of a side and rear lot line or required front yard.
   (b)   No accessory building/structure shall be erected less than 15 feet from any principal building. Exception: A pergola, which may be constructed closer than 15 feet to the principal building.
   (c)   Accessory buildings shall be permitted as follows:
      (1)   Exterior building materials shall be of a similar type as the principal building and complimentary in design.
      (2)   The accessory building shall be permanently affixed to the land by means of pole structures, footers or a concrete slab not less than four inches in thickness.
      (3)   The maximum height shall be 15 feet.
      (4)   The combined floor area of accessory buildings shall not exceed the following:
.5 acre or less
144 square feet
.51 acres to 1.0 acres
200 square feet
1.01 acres to 2.0 acres
800 square feet
2.01 acres to 5.0 acres
1,000 square feet
5.01 acres to 7.5 acres
2,000 square feet
7.51 acres and greater
2,500 square feet
   (d)   On a corner lot, no accessory structure/building shall project beyond the front yard line on either street.
   (e)   No accessory structure/building shall be constructed on a lot until construction of 50% or more of the principal building has been completed.
   (f)   Every dwelling shall provide for an enclosed, private garage with at least two parking spaces being provided for each one-family dwelling and for each unit of a multifamily dwelling.  Parking facilities in the basement of the foregoing structures may be used in lieu of an accessory building.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13; Ord. 2013-06. Passed 6-4-13; Ord. 2019-04. Passed 4-2-19.)