(a)   Whenever the use of a building or land becomes non-conforming through a change in the Zoning Ordinance or district boundaries, such use may be continued.
   (b)   If a non-conforming use of any building or lot is discontinued for a period of one year, the use of the same shall thereafter conform to the use permitted in the district in which such building or lot is located.
   (c)   A non-conforming building that is partially destroyed or damaged, exclusive of the foundation, to an extent less than 50% of its reproduction value at the time of damage, by fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, riot, war or Act of God or of the public enemy, may be restored and the use of the building resumed in accordance with the other provisions of this section, provided that the restoration and resumption shall take place within six months from the time of such damage or destruction.
   (d)   The extension of a lawful use to any portion of a non-conforming building or structure which existed prior to the enactment of this Zoning Ordinance shall not be deemed as the extension of such non-conforming use.
   (e)   No non-conforming use shall displace a conforming use.
   (f)   A non-conforming use may not be changed to another non-conforming use unless the Board of Zoning Appeals, on appeal, determines that the proposed use is less in conflict with the character and uses in the district than the existing non-conforming use.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13; Ord. 2019-04.  Passed 4-2-19.)