(a)   The Village is hereby divided into three types of Zoning Districts, as follows:
      Residence “A” District
      Residence “B” District
      Commercial “C” District
   (b)   The Zoning Districts established in subsection (a) hereof are established for the following purposes:
      (1)   To divide the entire Village into the types of districts deemed best suited to carry out the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance;
      (2)   To prohibit uses or buildings incompatible with the character of such districts;
      (3)   To regulate and limit the height, bulk and uses of buildings hereafter to be erected;
      (4)   To prevent the enlarging or alteration of existing buildings in such manner as to evade the restrictions and limitations lawfully imposed by this Zoning Ordinance;
      (5)   To regulate and determine minimum areas for open spaces adjacent to buildings; and
      (6)   To regulate and limit density of development.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13; Ord. 2019-04. Passed 4-2-19.)