(a)   A proposed division of a parcel of land along an existing public street, not involving the opening, widening or extension of any street or road and involving no more than five lots after the original tract has been completely subdivided, may be submitted to a representative designated by the Planning Commission for the purpose of reviewing such proposed division.  If such representative is satisfied that such proposed division is not contrary to applicable platting, subdividing or Zoning Ordinance, he or she shall, within seven working days after submission of such proposed division, approve the same, and on presentation of a conveyance of said parcel, stamp the same “Approved by Planning Commission, Village of Westfield Center - No Plat Required.”  Such representative may require the submission of a sketch and such other information as is pertinent to his or her determination hereunder. See Ohio R.C. 711.131.
   (b)   Plat of Subdivision will not be required for the subdivisions not involving the opening or extension of any street of easement of access and in which past subdivision and development have so far proceeded that the preparation and recording of a plat would serve no public or planning purpose.  The representative authorized to approve conveyances without a plat under the authority of Ohio R.C. 711.131, shall likewise be authorized to approve conveyances without a plat in such cases as are accepted herein.  In case of doubt, such representative may refer the question to the Planning Commission.  If such representative refuses approval for a subdivision without a plat, the applicant may appeal to the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13; Ord. 2019-04. Passed 4-2-19.)