(a)   The developer shall submit the Plat of Subdivision, in tracing form, to the Planning Commission, together with one print.
   (b)   The Planning Commission shall submit the plat to an engineer, who shall examine the plat for its conformity to these Subdivision Regulations and to the Subdivision Improvement Plan upon which the development was authorized and for final check, including closures and for a report as to whether or not all public improvements have been completed according to the Village specifications, or if assurance of such completion have been given.
   (c)   The engineer shall transmit the plat, together with a written report, to the Planning Commission.
   (d)   The Planning Commission shall take action on the plat after study and consideration of the engineer's report thereon.
      (1)   If the plat is approved:
         A.   The Chairperson of the Planning Commission shall sign a certification of such approval on the plat.
         B.   The Commission shall transmit the signed tracing to the developer and request one print for its files.
         C.   It must be approved by Council.
      (2)   If the plat is disapproved, the developer shall be so informed by letter, noting the reasons therefor, including a citation of or reference to the regulations violated by the plat.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13.)