The Subdivision Improvement Plan is intended to precede and supplement the plat of subdivision which is to be recorded. Its purpose is to show all facts needed to enable the Planning Commission and the Administrative Officers of the Village to determine whether the proposed layout of the land in question and the proposed public improvements are satisfactory from the standpoint of the public interest. All required engineering and surveying work must be performed by or under the supervision of a registered engineer or surveyor, as the case may be, in accordance with the provisions of the Engineers and Surveyors Registration Act of the Ohio Revised Code. The following graphic and descriptive items are normally required to be shown on a Subdivision Improvement Plan:
   (a)   Items Pertaining to the Title.
      (1)   The proposed name of the subdivision, which shall not duplicate or too closely approximate, phonetically, the name of any other subdivision in the Village of Westfield Center or Westfield Township.
      (2)   The location by section, Township, range, County and State.
      (3)   The names and addresses of the owner, the developer, the technician who made the plan and the engineer responsible for engineering details.
      (4)   The scale of the plan at any of the following: one inch equals 60, 50, 40, 30, or 20 feet.
      (5)   The date.
      (6)   The north point.
   (b)   Existing Items Pertaining to the Plan.
      (1)   The boundary of the proposed subdivision accurately indicated by a heavy, solid line and the acreage comprised therein.
      (2)   The location, widths and names of all existing or platted streets of other public ways, railroad and utility right-of-ways, parks and other public open spaces, permanent buildings, and section and corporation lines within or adjacent to the tract.
      (3)   Existing sewers, water mains, culverts or other underground items within the tract or immediately adjacent thereto, with pipe sizes, grades and locations indicated.
      (4)   The names of adjacent subdivisions and owners of adjoining parcels of un-subdivided land, shown by dotted lines.
      (5)   Zoning Districts, if any.
      (6)   Existing contours with intervals of not more than five feet. Elevations shall be based on sea level datum.
      (7)   Drainage channels and any other significant physical items.
      (8)   A description of the bench mark used.
   (c)   Items Pertaining to the Proposed Development.
      (1)   The layout of streets, including the names and widths of proposed streets and the widths of alleys, cross-walkways and easements. Proposed street names shall not duplicate or too closely approximate, phonetically, the name of any other street in the Village of Westfield Center or Westfield Township.
      (2)   Layouts, numbers and approximate dimensions of lots.
      (3)   Parcels of land intended to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use, or to be reserved by deed covenant for use of all property owners in the subdivision and the conditions (if any) of such dedication or reservation.
      (4)   Typical street cross-sections (or half sections) at a scale not smaller than one-fourth of an inch equals one foot, showing widths of roadways and the location and width of sidewalks.  Where considerable cut and fill is involved, or wherever grading will affect adjacent properties, several actual cross-sections showing proposed grading may be required and their locations indicated on the plan.
      (5)   The profile of each street, with tentative grades (including adequate extension, where necessary, beyond the subdivision boundaries), including any proposed sewer lines and manholes.  Scale:  Horizontal, same as plan; vertical, one inch equals ten feet.
      (6)   The plan and profiles of proposed sanitary and storm sewers with grades and pipe sizes.  These shall include connections to outlets, which might be beyond the boundaries of the subdivision. Items in (c)(5) and (c)(6) may be shown on a separate drawing.
      (7)   An engineer's report outlining storm and rain water control if requested by the Board of Public Affairs.
      (8)   A statement that water mains and appurtenances will be installed in accordance with the rules and regulations of and under the supervision of the County Sanitary Engineering Department.
      (9)   Building setback lines, shown graphically along all streets, with dimensions. This requirement is applicable wherever such setbacks are greater than those required by prevailing zoning.
   (d)   Vicinity Sketch.
      (1)   A vicinity sketch, at a legible scale, showing the relation of the proposed development to its general surroundings, shall accompany the subdivision Improvement Plan. Proposed streets on the plat shall be shown with connections to existing or proposed streets and alleys in neighboring subdivisions.  If the plat forms only a part of an ownership holding, all of the latter shall be shown, with a tentative street layout for the remainder of the tract shown by dashed lines.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13.)