A.   Installation Of Service Lines: All service lines from the mains to the premises served shall be installed by a licensed plumber who shall provide a copy of said license approved by the state and at the cost to the owner of property to be served or the applicant for the service. Such installation shall be under the supervision of the department of public works. All new lines serving a building within the village shall use type "K" pipe and be one inch (1") or greater.
   B.   Specifications For Service Lines: No service line shall be installed unless it conforms to the specification of the village's plumbing code (title 9, chapter 4 of this code) as amended, which is kept on file in the office of the department of code enforcement.
   C.   Maintenance: It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to maintain, in good repair, the entire length of his service line from the premises to the supply main. Maintenance shall include any new replacement.
   D.   Water Leaks:
      1.   Reports Required: Every owner or other person discovering or repairing any leak in the water supply or water distribution system of any building or premises shall report the fact as soon as possible to the department of public works. The report, which may be made orally, shall give the date, the name of the person discovering and repairing the leak, its size and location, its duration and, if possible, the rate of flow when discovered.
      2.   Repair Of Leaks: All repairs of leaks from the water main to the premises served shall be made by and at the expense of the owner of said premises served. All expenses for metered water lost due to a leak is the responsibility of the owner. The village may, in the case of emergency, repair any service pipes, and if this is done, the owner of said premises shall reimburse the village for one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of said repairs.
   E.   Excavations: Excavations for installing service pipes shall be made in compliance with the provisions of this code relating to excavations in streets 1 ; provided, that it shall be unlawful to place any service pipe in the same excavation with, or directly over, any drainpipe or sewer pipe.
   F.   Shutoff Boxes: Shutoff boxes or service boxes shall be placed on every service pipe and shall be located between the curb line and the sidewalk line where this is practicable. Such boxes shall be so located that they are easily accessible and shall be protected from frost. The shutoff box shall be two and one-half inches (21/2") in diameter the entire length.
   G.   Testing Meters:
      1.   Upon request of the customer, or as directed by the department of public works, village water meters shall be removed and replaced with a similar meter. The removed meter shall then be tested and the results given to the customer upon request. If the meter replacement is initiated by the customer and the meter test results indicate an accuracy rate between ninety eight and one- half percent (98.5%) and one hundred one and one-half percent (101.5%) at a two (2) gpm rate, the customer shall reimburse the village for the cost of the test.
      2.   All persons shall grant access to the village meter within two (2) weeks of notification. Failure to grant access is a violation of this code and may result in penalties as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. Failure to grant access may also result in termination of water service as determined by the department of public works or department of finance. (Ord. 03-2233, 4-21-2003)



1. See section 8-1-9 of this title.