EDITOR’S NOTE: The current City Zoning Code which is codified herein as Chapter 154 was adopted by Ordinance 3248, passed September 9, 2003. Subsequent amendments to Ordinance 3248 will be indicated by legislative histories placed at the end of the affected sections.
154.02.01   Definitions
General Zoning Provisions
154.03.01   Title and Jurisdictional Limits
154.03.02   Interpretation; Conflicts of Laws
154.03.03   Severability
154.03.04   Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances; Effective Date
154.03.05   General Requirements
Nonconforming Uses
154.04.01   Nonconforming Uses
154.04.01(H)   Nonconforming Lots of Record
154.04.01(I)   Conditionally Permitted Uses Not Considered Nonconforming Uses
Administration and Enforcement
154.05.01   General Provisions
154.05.02   Duties and Responsibilities of the City Manager
154.05.03   Duties and Responsibilities of the Zoning Enforcement Officer
154.05.04   Duties and Role of the City Planning Commission
154.05.05   Duties and Role of the City Council
154.05.06   Duties and Role of the Board of Zoning Appeals
154.05.07   Administrative Procedures
154.05.08   Enforcement Procedures
154.05.09   Penalty; Equitable Remedies
154.06.01(A)   Purpose
154.06.01(B)   Public Hearing and Notice
154.06.01(C)   Findings
154.06.01(D)   Authorized Variances
154.06.01(E)   Action by Board of Zoning Appeals
154.06.01(F)   Supplementary Conditions and Safeguards
Conditional Use Regulations
154.07.01   Conditional Use Regulations
154.07.01(A)   Contents of Conditional Use Permit Application
154.07.01(B)   General Standards for All Conditional Uses
154.07.01(B)(1)   Expansion of Existing Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.07.01(B)(2)   Findings
154.07.01(B)(3)   Substantially Similar Use
154.07.01(B)(4)   Supplementary Conditions and Safeguards
154.07.01(B)(5)   Joint Variance Application
154.07.01(B)(6)   Public Hearing
154.07.01(B)(7)   Action by the Planning Commission
154.07.01(B)(8)   Expiration of Conditional Use Permit
Amendments to Zoning Code
154.08.01   Procedure for Amendments
154.08.02   Zoning Map Amendments
Establishment of Districts and Official Zoning Map
154.09.01   Purpose
154.09.02   Establishment of Zoning Districts
154.09.03   Zoning District Map
154.09.04   Zoning Map Legend
154.09.05   Identification of Official Zoning Map
154.09.06   Interpretation of Zoning Districts; Map and Text
154.09.07   Zoning Upon Annexation
Zoning Districts
L-D Limited Development District
154.10.001   L-D Limited Development District Purpose
154.10.002   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.003   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.004   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.005   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.006   Minimum Frontage
154.10.007   Maximum Height
154.10.008   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.009   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.010   Signs
154.10.011   Other Regulations
A Agricultural District
154.10.012   A Agricultural District
154.10.013   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.014   Conditional Permitted Uses
154.10.015   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.016   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.017   Minimum Frontage
154.10.018   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.019   Maximum and Minimum Height Requirements
154.10.020   Off-Street Parking and Loading   Signs   Other Regulations
RE Residential Estate District
154.10.021   RE - Residential Estate District
154.10.022   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.023   Conditional Permitted Uses
154.10.024   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.025   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.026   Minimum Frontage
154.10.027   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.028   Maximum and Minimum Height Requirements
154.10.029   Required Minimum Dwelling
154.10.030   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.031   Signs
154.10.032   Other Regulations
R-1 Single-Family Residential District
154.10.041   R-1 Single-Family Residential District
154.10.042   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.043   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.044   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.045   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.046   Minimum Frontage
154.10.047   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.048   Maximum Height Requirements
154.10.049   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.050   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.051   Signs.
154.10.052   Other Regulations
R-2 Single-Family Residential District
154.10.061   R-2 Single-Family Residential District
154.10.062   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.063   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.064   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.065   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.066   Minimum Frontage
154.10.067   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.068   Maximum Height Requirements
154.10.069   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.070   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.071   Signs.
154.10.072   Other Regulations
R-3 Single-Family Residential District
   (intentionally left blank)
R-4 Multiple-Family Residential District
154.10.081   Multiple-Family Residential District
154.10.082   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.083   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.084   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.085   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.086   Minimum Frontage
154.10.087   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.088   Maximum and Minimum Height Requirements
154.10.089   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.090   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.091   Signs
154.10.092   Other Regulations
154.10.093   Architectural design standards.
R-5 Multiple-Family Residential District
154.10.101   R-5 Multiple-Family Residential District
154.10.102   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.103   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.104   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.105   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.106   Minimum Frontage
154.10.107   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.108   Maximum and Minimum Height Requirements
154.10.109   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.110   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.111   Signs
154.10.112   Other Regulations
154.10.113   Architectural design standards.
R-PUD Planned Development District
154.10.121   R-PUD Planned Development District
154.10.122   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.123   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.124   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.125   Minimum Land Area, Maximum Density
154.10.126   Minimum Frontage and Lot Size
154.10.127   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.128   Maximum Height
154.10.129   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.130   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.131   Signs
154.10.132   Other Regulations
154.10.133   Procedures and Provisions for Approval of R-PUD Developments
154.10.134   Architectural design standards.
R-MHP Mobile Home Park District
154.10.201   R-MHP Manufactured/Mobile Home Park District
154.10.202   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.203   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.204   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.205   General Standards for Manufactured Home Parks
O-R Office Residential District
154.10.301   O-R Office Residential District
154.10.302   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.303   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.304   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.305   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.306   Minimum Frontage
154.10.307   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.308   Maximum and Minimum Height Requirements
154.10.309   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.310   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.311   Signs
154.10.312   Architectural design standards
O Office District
154.10.351   O-Office District
154.10.352   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.353   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.354   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.355   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.356   Minimum Frontage
154.10.357   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.358   Maximum Height
154.10.359   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.360   Signs
154.10.361   Other Regulations
154.10.362   Architectural design standards.
B-1 Convenience Commercial District
154.10.401   B-1 Convenience Commercial District
154.10.402   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.403   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.404   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.405   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.406   Minimum Frontage
154.10.407   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.408   Maximum Height
154.10.409   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.410   Signs
154.10.411   Other Regulations
154.10.412   Architectural design standards
B-2 General Commercial District
154.10.421   B-2 General Commercial District
154.10.422   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.423   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.424   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.425   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.426   Minimum Frontage
154.10.427   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.428   Maximum Lot Coverage
154.10.429   Maximum Height
154.10.430   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.431   Signs
154.10.432   Other Regulations
154.10.433   Architectural design standards
OD Olde Downtown District
154.10.451   Olde Downtown District
154.10.452   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.453   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.454   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.455   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.456   Minimum Frontage
154.10.457   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.458   Maximum Lot Coverage
154.10.459   Maximum Height
154.10.460   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.461   Signs
154.10.462   Other Regulations
154.10.463   Architectural design standards'
CC City Center District
154.10.471   CC City Center District
154.10.472   Application and Review Procedures of Site Development Plans
154.10.473   Use Regulations
154.10.474   Non-conforming Uses
154.10.475   Conditions for Review and Approval
154.10.476   Standards and Guidelines
154.10.477   Revisions of Final Site Development Plan after Approval
154.10.478   Architectural design standards
154.10.479   Guarantee for installation of public improvements.
Heritage District
154.10.481   H Heritage Single-Family Residential District
154.10.482   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.483   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.484   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.485   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.486   Minimum Frontage
154.10.487   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.488   Maximum and Minimum Height Requirements
154.10.489   Required Minimum Dwelling Size
154.10.490   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.491   Signs
154.10.492   Design Review Regulations
154.10.493   Definitions
154.10.494   Powers and Duties of the Design Review Architect
154.10.495   Triggering Mechanism for Design Review
154.10.496   Specific Architectural Design Guidelines
154.10.497   Limitation on Issuance of Zoning & Demolition Permits
154.10.498   Certificate of Appropriateness
154.10.499   Penalties
154.10.500   Minimum Maintenance Requirement
154.10.501   Severability
154.10.502   Other Regulations
M-1 Business Park District
154.10.601   M-1 Business Park District
154.10.602   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.603   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.604   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.605   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.606   Minimum Frontage
154.10.607   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.608   Maximum Lot Coverage
154.10.609   Maximum Height
154.10.610   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.611   Signs
154.10.612   Other Regulations
154.10.613   Architectural design standards
M-2 Manufacturing District
154.10.621   M-2 Manufacturing District
154.10.622   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.623   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.624   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.625   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.626   Minimum Frontage
154.10.627   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.628   Maximum Lot Coverage
154.10.629   Maximum Height
154.10.630   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.631   Signs
154.10.632   Other Regulations
M-3 Rural Manufacturing District
154.10.651   M-3 Manufacturing District
154.10.652   Principal Permitted Uses
154.10.653   Conditionally Permitted Uses
154.10.654   Accessory Uses and Structures
154.10.655   Minimum Zoning Lot Size
154.10.656   Minimum Frontage
154.10.657   Minimum Yard Requirements
154.10.658   Maximum Lot Coverage
154.10.659   Maximum Height
154.10.660   Off-Street Parking and Loading
154.10.661   Signs
154.10.662   Other Regulations
154.10.663   Architectural design standards
PUD Planned Unit Development District
154.10.701   PUD Planned Unit Development District
154.10.702   PUD Rezoning and Concurrent Plan Approval
154.10.703   Request for PUD District
154.10.704   Permitted Uses and Development Standards
154.10.705   Procedures and Provisions for Approval of PUD District
154.10.706   Plan Review and Approval
Supplementary Regulations for Zoning Districts
154.11.01    Conversion of Dwellings
154.11.02    Fencing and Wall Regulations
154.11.03    Performance Standards for Nuisance Values
154.11.04    Projections into Yards
154.11.05    Supplementary Height Requirements
Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
154.12.01    Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
154.12.01(A)   General Requirements
154.12.01(B)   Specific Off-Street Parking and Loading Space Requirements
Landscaping Requirements
154.13.01    Landscaping Requirements; Screening, Buffer Yards, and Tree Lawns
154.13.01(A)   Applicability
154.13.01(B)   General Requirements for Submission
154.13.01(C)   Approval
154.13.01(D)   Landscape and Buffer Yard Standards
154.13.01(E)   Screening and Buffering
154.13.01(F)   Right-of-Way, Easements and Setbacks
154.13.01(G)   Landscaping for Vehicular Use Areas
154.13.01(H)   Landscaping for Service Structures
154.13.01(I)   Landscape Requirements Matrix
154.13.01(J)   Modification
154.13.01(K)   Specifications for Plant Material
154.13.01(L)   Recommended Trees for West Carrollton
Site Plan Review and Access Management Requirements
154.14.01   Site Plan Review Requirements
154.14.01(A)   When Site Plan Required
154.14.01(B)   Applications for Site Plan Approval
154.14.01(C)   Site Plan Review
154.14.01(D)   Conformance with Approved Site Plans
154.14.01(E)   Amendments to Approved Site Plans
154.14.01(F)   Phased Site Plans
154.14.02   Access Management Requirement
154.14.02(A)   Purpose
154.14.02(B)   Traffic Impact Study Required
154.14.02(C)   Design Years
154.14.02(D)   Traffic Impact Study Contents
154.14.02(E)   Access Management Standards
Conservation District Design Review Guidelines
154.15.01   Design Review
154.15.02   Definitions
154.15.03   Powers and Duties of the Design Review Architect
154.15.04   Triggering Mechanism for Design Review
154.15.05   Specific Architectural Design Guidelines
154.15.06   Limitation on Issuance of Zoning & Demolition Permits
154.15.07   Certificate of Appropriateness
154.15.08   Penalties
154.15.09   Minimum Maintenance Requirement
154.15.10   Severability
Supplementary Regulations for Specific Land Uses
154.16.01   Accessory Buildings and Uses
154.16.02   Clustered Residential Subdivisions
154.16.03   Home Occupations
154.16.05   Resource and Mineral Extraction
154.16.06   Satellite Dish Antennas
154.16.07   Sexually-Oriented Businesses
154.16.08   Temporary Buildings and Uses
154.16.09   Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
154.16.10   Garage sales
154.16.11   Mobile food vendors
154.16.12   Hookah bars.
154.16.13   Alternative financial services providers.
Architectural Design Standards
154.17.01   Architectural design standards