2019 Replacement contains:
Local legislation current through Ordinance No. 3644, passed March 12, 2019
State legislation current through July 30, 2019
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   We, Jeffery Sanner, Mayor, and Thomas E. Reilly, Clerk of Council of West Carrollton, Ohio, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 731.23 and 731.42, hereby certify that the general and permanent ordinances of the City of West Carrollton, Ohio, as revised, rearranged, compiled, renumbered as to sections, codified and printed herewith in component codes are correctly set forth and constitute the Code of Ordinances of West Carrollton, Ohio, as amended to April 22, 2018.
                     /s/   Jeffery Sanner
                     /s/   Thomas E. Reilly
                        Council Clerk