TITLE TWO - Subdivision Regulations
                  Chap. 1210.    General Provisions and Definitions.
                  Chap. 1212.    Platting Procedures.
                  Chap. 1214.    Documents Required - Major Subdivisions.
                  Chap. 1216.    Subdivision Design Requirements.
                  Chap. 1218.    Improvement Requirements.
               TITLE FOUR - Flood Damage Prevention
                  Chap. 1230.    Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, Purpose and Objectives.
                  Chap. 1231.    General Provisions.
                  Chap. 1232.    Administration.
                  Chap. 1233.    Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction.
                  Chap. 1234.    Variance Procedure.
                  Chap. 1235.    Flood Prone Areas.
               TITLE SIX - Zoning
                  Chap. 1240.    General Provisions.
                  Chap. 1242.    Definitions.
                  Chap. 1244.    Village Zoning Inspector.
                  Chap. 1246.    Village Planning Commission.
                  Chap. 1248.    Village Council.
                  Chap. 1250.    Zoning Certificate.
                  Chap. 1252.    Conditional Use Permits.
                  Chap. 1254.    Appeals and Variances.
                  Chap. 1256.    Amendments and Zoning District Changes.
                  Chap. 1258.    Procedure for Approval of Planned Development Districts.
                  Chap. 1260.    Establishment of Zoning Districts.
                  Chap. 1262.    Official Zoning District Map.
                  Chap. 1263.    Revitalization District.
                  Chap. 1264.    Interpretation of Zoning District Boundaries.
                  Chap. 1266.    Table of Development Standards.
                  Chap. 1268.    R-1A Single-Family Residential District.
                  Chap. 1269.    R-1B Single-Family Residential District and R-1C Single-family Residential District.
                  Chap. 1270.    R-2 Residential District Regulations.
                  Chap. 1271.    R-3 Multi-Family Residential District.
                  Chap. 1272.    B-1 General Business District.
                  Chap. 1273.    B-2 Neighborhood Business District.
                  Chap. 1274.    B-3 Central Business District.
                  Chap. 1275.    I-1 Light Industrial District.
                  Chap. 1276.    PD-1 Residential Planned Unit Development District.
                  Chap. 1277.    PD-2 Business Planned Unit Development District.
                  Chap. 1278.    PD-3 Industrial Planned Unit Development District.
                  Chap. 1279.    AG Agricultural Conservation District.
                  Chap. 1280.    FP Flood Plain Overlay District.
                  Chap. 1282.    Supplementary Regulations.
                  Chap. 1284.    Nonconforming Uses.
                  Chap. 1286.    Off-Street Parking and Loading.
                  Chap. 1288.    Signs.
                  Chap. 1290.    Fee Schedule.
                  Chap. 1292.    Violation, Enforcement and Penalty.