EDITOR’S NOTE:  This chapter was previously titled “General Service Employees.”  It was changed to its current title to conform to current practice in the village.  The Village Administrator of the village is also the Superintendent of the Service Department.
244.01   General service employee; establishment of position.
244.02   Position defined.
244.03   Duties.
244.04   Hours.
244.05   General Service Supervisor.
244.06   Residency of Village Administrator.
244.07   Part-time service employees.
   Benefits - see ADM. 246.03 et seq.
   Overtime; work week; work day - see ADM. 246.077(b)
   Service Department - see ADM. Ch. 248
   Responsibility re street excavations - see S. U. & P. S. 1020.02
   Responsibility re sidewalk construction - see S. U. & P. S. 1024.02
   Collection and disposal of garbage and refuse - see S. U. & P. S. Ch. 1060