§ 660.07   JUNK AND JUNK CARS.
   (a)   As used in this section:
      (1)   “Junk” means any worn out, cast off or discarded material which, in its existing condition, is ready for destruction, is incapable of being used for its original purpose or has been collected or stored for salvage or conversion to some other use.  Any article or material which, unaltered or unchanged and without further reconditioning, can be used for its original purpose as readily as when new shall not be considered junk.
(Adopting Ordinance)
      (2)   A.   “Junk car” means any unlicensed car or motor vehicle or any other car or motor vehicle not in the process of reconditioning, which has been abandoned for use as a motor vehicle and which is in an unsafe, inoperative or partially dismantled condition.
         B.   Portions of junk cars, including, but not limited to, hoods, fenders, radiators, rims and motors, not being utilized for the repair of a motor vehicle, shall be considered junk.
(Ord. 430, passed 7-7-1980)
      (3)   “Inoperative condition” refers to a vehicle, as above described, if it is incapable of being propelled under its own power.
      (4)   “Partially dismantled condition” means a vehicle, as above described, if it has some part or parts missing which is or are ordinarily an essential component thereof.
   (b)   No person shall deposit, store, maintain or collect or permit the deposit, storage, maintenance or collection of any junk or junk cars on his or her own premises, or any premises in which he or she has a possessory interest, or any premises under his or her control, or permit the same to remain upon such premises longer than ten days after receipt of written notice to remove such junk or junk car from such premises.  Such notice shall be signed by the Police Chief and shall be served upon such person by the Chief or by any member of the Police Department duly designated by him or her, by personally handing such notice to such person or, in the case of a firm or corporation, to a duly authorized agent of the same, by leaving the same at the usual place of residence of such person or by mailing the same by certified mail addressed to such person at his or her last known place of residence.
   (c)   The provisions of this section shall not apply to the storage of junk or junk cars in regularly established automotive junk yards or salvage or scrap metal yards within the village, nor shall it apply to the storage of junk or junk cars in an enclosed building.
   (d)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.  A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.