(a)   No person shall own, keep, possess or harbor bees within the corporate limits of the village, except in accordance with the following restriction and limitation:  bees and hives located within the village limits shall not be kept, housed or harbored nearer than 500 feet to any inhabited residence or any other buildings or structures.
   (b)   Failure to comply with the provisions of division (a) of this section shall result in a written order, issued by the Village Mayor to the offender, to remove or correct the offense.
   (c)   If, after the ten days, the offense has not been corrected by the offender, he or she shall be deemed to be in noncompliance with a lawful order, and, upon an adverse judgment by Village Council, the village authority shall have the right to enter upon the premises to remove the bees and hives and make a disposition of the offense.
(Ord. 533, passed 6-5-1939)