EDITOR’S NOTE:  There are no sections in Chapter 222.  This chapter has been established to provide a place for cross references and any future legislation.
   Newspaper publications - see Ohio R.C. 701.04, 731.21 et seq.
   Adoption and style - see Ohio R.C. 715.03, 731.17 et seq.
   Subject and amendment - see Ohio R. C. 731.19
   Authentication - see Ohio R. C. 731.20
   Publication in book form - see Ohio R. C. 731.23
   Adoption of technical codes - see Ohio R. C. 731.231
   Certification as to publication - see Ohio R. C. 731.24
   Initiative and referendum - see Ohio R. C. 731.28 et seq.
   Emergency measures - see Ohio R.C. 731.30
   As evidence - see Ohio R.C. 731.42
   Codified Ordinances - see ADM. Ch. 202