(a)   Whenever there is a firm forecast of snow predicted to accumulate to three inches or more by the United States Weather Bureau at Dayton, Ohio, or by another accredited weather service, or by television or radio, or whenever snow reaches an accumulation of three inches or more, a snow emergency shall be deemed to exist in the village.
   (b)   From the inception of a snow emergency until 24 hours thereafter, or until such time as the snow has been removed, if such time is sooner, no owner of any vehicle shall park or stand such vehicle, or permit the same to be done, upon any village street.  However, vehicles may be parked for a period of not longer than 15 minutes for actual loading or unloading of passengers or property, so long as snow removal equipment is not being operated on such street and so long as no other ordinance restricting parking is violated thereby.
   (c)   Whenever such an emergency exists, the municipal authority shall make a reasonable attempt to announce the emergency by informing at least two radio or television stations, or a combination thereof, with a normal operating range covering the community.  However, owners and operators of motor vehicles shall have the responsibility of determining existing weather conditions and the depth or extent of snowfall and of complying with this section.
   (d)   Any motor vehicle parked in violation of this section may be impounded or moved to an open street or an alley by a duly authorized officer or employee of the village.  The Chief of Police shall attempt to notify the owner of such vehicle, as to the removal or relocation of such vehicle, as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.  The owner of such vehicle shall be liable for any towing charges.
   (e)   No person shall cause or permit snow to be moved, placed or stored over or upon any portion of the paved right-of-way of any street from any location or private property.
   (f)   Every landowner or controller of private property shall be responsible for the clearing of any drive or parking area; village snow removal personnel are not required to clear such areas.
(Ord. 478, passed 3-18-1985)