(a)   Due to permitted use superseding.  Any nonconforming building, structure, or use of land, which is superseded by a use that is permitted or conditionally permitted within the zoning district in which it is located, shall thereafter be in conformance with these zoning regulations, and the previous nonconforming use shall not be resumed.
   (b)   Due to discontinued use.  Any nonconforming use of land that is discontinued, or nonconforming building or structure that is left vacant, unused, or abandoned for a period of two years or more, shall not be resumed.  Any subsequent use of the premises shall be in conformance with these zoning regulations.
   (c)   Due to destruction.  Any nonconforming building or use of land, which is destroyed by natural causes (flood, earthquake, tornado, or the like), or fire, to the extent of more than 60% of its replacement cost, shall not be resumed or reconstructed, except in conformance with these zoning regulations.  Replacement cost shall be based upon the reproduction cost of the building, structure, or use prior to the destruction by natural causes or fire, as determined by a certified real estate appraiser.  In case of any uncertainty as to the replacement value of a particular building, structure, or use, the determination shall be made by the Village Planning Commission.
   (d)   Due to substitution.  The substitution of a lawful nonconforming use with another equally or more appropriate nonconforming used shall be permitted, provided that no structural alterations are made, except those required by law or ordinance.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)