(a)   Feedlot prohibited.  Feedlots are prohibited within the Village of West Alexandria.
   (b)   Pasture.  Grazing of farm animals shall be prohibited within 100 feet of any residential zoning district and on any lot less than ten acres in area.  The Village Planning Commission may restrict the number of animals within a pasture based upon the size of such area and type of animal.
   (c)   Commercial horse stables.  Commercial horse stables shall be in accordance with the following.
      (1)   The lot area shall be a minimum of five acres.
      (2)   The maximum number of horses permitted outside of the building at any one time shall be one per acre.
      (3)   Stables, corrals, and piles of manure, feed, and bedding shall be located a minimum of 100 feet from any street or residential zoning district in order to minimize odor and nuisance problems.  Pasture may extend to the lot line, provided fencing approved by the Village Planning Commission is erected and maintained in good condition.
      (4)   A waste management plan shall be submitted to and approved by the Village Planning Commission prior to operation.
      (5)   Standards for accommodating any special events such as shows, exhibitions, and contests shall be subject to approval by the Village Planning Commission.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)