§ 1282.23   DAY CARE CENTERS.
   (a)   Thoroughfare access.  The site shall be accessible to a major thoroughfare so as not to create excessive traffic on local residential streets.
   (b)   Required play area.  An outdoor play area shall be required.  The minimum size of such play area shall be no less than 200 square feet per each child.  The minimum width or depth of such play area shall be 20 feet. Such play area shall also be completely enclosed by a fence or wall a minimum of 42 inches in height.
   (c)   Required screening.  The required play area shall be screened along all sides that are within 50 feet of a lot within a residential district.  All sides of the parking lot which face any dwelling or residential district shall be screened.
   (d)   Maximum enrollment.  The Village Planning Commission may establish a maximum enrollment based upon neighborhood impact.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)