(a)   Permitted within residential districts.  Private swimming pools, outside completely enclosed principal structures, shall be allowed in any residential zoning district as an accessory use, and such pools shall comply with the conditions and requirements of this section.
   (b)   Private use.  Such pools must be intended and used primarily for the enjoyment of the occupants of the principal use of the property on which they are located.
   (c)   Required setback.  Such pools may not be located closer than ten feet from any side or rear lot line of the property on which they are located and shall meet all required front yard setbacks.
   (d)   Must conform to Building Code.  Such pools must meet applicable Building Code standards relating to structural safety and must meet or exceed Building Code user safety standards, such as fencing and electrical installations.
   (e)   Enclosed pools must meet accessory building standards.  Enclosed pools shall meet applicable standards for accessory structures.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)