Required standards.  Every use shall be operated in accordance with the following provisions.
   (a)   No highly flammable or explosive liquids, solids or gases shall be stored in bulk above ground except in an industrial district.  Tanks or drums of fuel directly connected with heating devices or appliances located on the same lot as the tanks or drums of fuel are excluded from this provision.
   (b)   All outdoor storage facilities for fuel, raw materials and products shall be enclosed by a fence, wall or planting to conceal such facilities from adjacent residential zoning districts or land uses.
   (c)   No garbage shall be deposited upon a lot in such form or manner that it may be transferred from the lot by wind, flood or natural causes or forces.
   (d)   All garbage that might cause fumes or dust, constitute a fire hazard or be edible or attractive to rodents or insects shall be stored outdoors only in closed containers constructed of impervious material.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)