No land, building or structure in any district shall be used or occupied in any manner so as to create any dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable fire, explosion, or other hazard; noise, brilliant light or vibration; smoke, dust, fumes, odor or other form of air pollution; heat, cold or dampness; electrical or electronic disturbances; nuclear radiation; or any other condition, substance or element which is dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable to any person or property outside of the premises on which such building, structure, or use is located.  Such uses, when lawfully permitted under the provisions of these zoning regulations, shall be operated in a manner so as to ensure that the property rights of all other parcels of land will not be adversely affected to the extent of reducing the enjoyment of property rights thereon.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)