(a)   Exceptions to height limitations.  Any structure designed to exceed the maximum height regulations for the zoning district in which it is to be located shall require the approval of a conditional use permit in accordance with the procedures outlined in Chapter 1252.
      (1)   Additional setback required.  All structures more than 35 feet in height shall provide additional setbacks from those required in their respective district at a rate of one additional foot for every one foot of building height.
      (2)   Fire Chief approval required.  The application for an exception to the height limitations shall include documentation from the Fire Chief that the proposed building can be adequately protected from fire.
      (3)   Types of non-habitable structures permitted to exceed height limits.  Chimneys, domes, spires, necessary mechanical appurtenances, and radio, television, or telephone towers may exceed district height limitations.
      (4)   Types of habitable structures permitted to exceed height limits.  Public, semi-public or public service buildings, hospitals, institutions or schools, where permitted, may be erected to a height not exceeding 90 feet when the required side and rear yards are each increased by one foot for each one foot of additional building height above the height regulations for the district in which the building is located.
      (5)   Radio, television, and telephone towers.  Radio, television, and telephone towers shall be in accordance with § 1282.19.
   (b)   Yards required for corner and through lots.
      (1)   In any district, the side yard of a corner lot that abuts the side street shall have the same setback requirements as the front yard.
      (2)   A rear yard shall be provided parallel to and opposite from the front yard.
      (3)   On through lots the front yard requirements shall apply to all street frontages.
   (c)   Corner lot accessory buildings.  Where a corner lot adjoins the side boundary of a lot in a residential district, no part of any accessory building within 25 feet of the common lot line shall be nearer the street bounding the side lot line than the least depth of any front yard required along such side street.
   (d)   Lots adjoining alleys.  In calculating the area of a lot that adjoins an alley for the purpose of applying lot area requirements of these zoning regulations, one-half the width of such alley abutting the lot shall be considered as part of such lot.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)