(a)   A written application and site plan for a zoning certificate shall be submitted to the Zoning Inspector on forms provided by the Village of West Alexandria.
   (b)   The following information shall be required:
      (1)   Name, address, and phone number of applicant;
      (2)   Date;
      (3)   The name of the subdivision and the lot number or other information necessary to establish the location of the lot;
      (4)   The actual dimensions of the lot based on actual survey, including square footage and/or acreage, the yard and other open space dimensions thereof, and the location and size of any existing structures thereon;
      (5)   The location on the lot and size of any proposed structure and/or the proposed alteration of any existing structure, indication dimensions, including building height;
      (6)   The number of proposed dwelling units, and the total residential floor area and the number of bedrooms to be included in each dwelling unit;
      (7)   A permit from the Preble County Health Department or Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for on-site wastewater disposal, where applicable, illustrating the location of primary and secondary leaching field locations;
      (8)   The proposed parking plan and number and location of proposed off-street parking or loading spaces, and any drive-through waiting spaces;
      (9)   A plan for screening when applicable;
      (10)   A statement by the applicant attesting to the truth and exactness of all information supplied on the application;
      (11)   A statement that the permit shall expire and shall be revoked if work has not been started and substantially pursued within one year of its issue date;
      (12)   Such other information as may be necessary to determine conformance with these zoning regulations; and
      (13)   A fee as established by the Village Council.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)