(A)   Prior to initiating prosecution for violation of this chapter, city staff shall attempt to provide notice to the owner of the real property upon which the nuisance is located. Additional notice shall be attempted to the occupant/tenant or agent if one is known. Said notice shall describe the location of the property as accurately as possible and shall specify the nature of the nuisance and the time by which the nuisance must be abated. Said notice shall be mailed to the owner, agent, person in charge of such property, if such owner, agent or person in charge can be found. If an owner, agent or person in charge cannot be found, then notice shall be provided by posting a notice in a conspicuous place on the premises and mailing a copy of said notice by certified mail to the owner or agent of the same at such owner's or agent's last known address.
   (B)   The owner, owners, tenants, lessees and/or occupants of any lands upon which a nuisance is located may thereafter store such nuisance vehicles, equipment or materials into completely enclosed buildings authorized to be used for such storage purposes, if within the corporate limits of the city, or otherwise remove the vehicles, equipment or materials to a lawful storage location outside the corporate limits of the city. If the nuisance consists of weeds or other vegetative materials, it shall be removed and disposed of lawfully so as to eliminate the fire hazard created and/or the risk of spread of weed infestation.
   (C)   The provisions of this chapter shall not compromise or otherwise adversely affect the applicability of provisions of Idaho law regarding the designation of nuisances and their abatement. (Ord. 428, 6-26-2002)