Editor’s Note:
The provisions of R.C. § 1901.01 established a Municipal Court for Jackson County, which Court, pursuant to R.C. § 1901.02, has situs within the cities of Wellston and Jackson and has territorial jurisdiction within Jackson County. The powers, duties and proceedings of the Court are as established in R.C. Chapter 1901. R.C. § 1901.25 provides that the Municipal Court may provide by rule how jurors shall be chosen. Juror’s fees in any criminal case involving the violation of a city ordinance shall be paid out of the city treasury. The Municipal Court, pursuant to R.C. § 1901.26(A), may establish a schedule of fees and costs to be taxed in any proceeding, whether civil or criminal. R.C. § 2945.17 provides that an accused has a right to be tried by a jury at any trial in any court for the violation of any Ohio statute or of any Wellston ordinance, except in cases in which the penalty involved does not exceed a fine of $100. The adoption of Rules of Practice and Procedure in Traffic Cases for all Courts Inferior to Common Pleas which were promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio on December 4, 1967, and completely revised effective January 1, 1975, is mandatory for Municipal Courts. Rule 13 provides that a court shall establish a traffic violation bureau and specifies certain restrictions as to the designated offenses and schedule of fines to be accepted as waiver payment in lieu of court appearance.
Statutory reference:
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