(A)   A person other than a scrap metal dealer, as defined in R.C. § 4737.04, purchasing, selling, exchanging or receiving secondhand articles of any kind other than special purchase articles, as defined in R.C. § 4737.04, scrap iron and scrap metal, shall post in a conspicuous place in or upon the person’s shop, store, wagon, boat or other place of business, a sign having the person’s name and occupation legibly inscribed thereon, and shall keep a separate record book or electronic file in which shall be written, in the English language, at the time of the purchase or exchange of such articles, a description thereof, the name, description, and residence of the person from whom purchased and received, and the day and time when such purchase or exchange was made, and shall make and keep a copy of the person’s personal identification card. Every entry shall be numbered consecutively, commencing with number one.
   (B)   The purchaser shall retain the record book or electronic file and copies of personal identification cards for at least one year after the purchase or exchange date and shall make the record or file and copies available for inspection by any law enforcement officer at all reasonable times.
(Ord. 4173, passed 6-20-2013)