§ 115.13  EXEMPTIONS.
   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any person:
   (A)   Conducting a garage sale, lawn sale, yard sale or basement sale at or within reasonable proximity of his or her garage, lawn, yard or basement;
   (B)   Who is engaged in the sale of motor vehicle(s);
   (C)   Who deals exclusively in books or the majority of his or her business deals in books;
   (D)   Conducting a charitable rummage sale, book sale and the like or a charitable thrift store, the entire proceeds of such sale or store which will contributed to a charitable organization;
   (E)   Who operates a consignment shop;
   (F)   Who operates a junkyard;
   (G)   Who deals exclusively in secondhand furniture and/or secondhand clothing; or
   (H)   Conducting an estate sale or auction.
(Ord. 4176, passed 7-18-2013)