No person shall:
   (A)   Drive any taxicab while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drink any intoxicating liquor whatsoever while transporting passengers;
   (B)   Charge in excess of the rates fixed;
   (C)   Fail, neglect or refuse to turn in to the Chief of Police within 24 hours all lost articles found in the taxicab;
   (D)   Drive or operate a taxicab upon any street in the city unless the owner thereof is operating under and pursuant to a permit as hereinbefore provided and the operator has a permit as described below;
   (E)   Fail to notify the Chief of Police within 15 hours after an accident, giving the time and location of the accident, the name of any person injured, condition of the injured, character of injuries so far as known and, in case of property damage, the estimated amount of such damage; or
   (F)   Any taxi driver issued a permit hereunder may have such permit suspended by the Chief of Police or municipal judge at any time for any reason necessary by the Chief of Police or municipal judge for the health, welfare and safety of the public and the citizens of the city. A second conviction of any taxi driver for violation of any traffic law shall constitute grounds for suspension or revocation of his or her permit. A third conviction for violation of any traffic law shall automatically constitute revocation of such driver’s permit and no new application for a new permit by such applicant can be filed for a period of six months thereafter.
(2003 Code, § 112.10)  (Ord. 2771, passed 12-17-1987)  Penalty, see § 10.99