(A)   Rate schedules may be changed by the owner, provided the substituted schedules are filed with and approved by Council.
   (B)   Rate schedules shall be printed and be placed in a conspicuous place in each taxicab.
   (C)   Any fare or fee charged for taxicab service that commences within the city limits shall commence at the location at which the customer boards the taxicab. The foregoing shall apply regardless of the location from which the taxicab is dispatched.
   (D)   No driver or any other person in control of a taxicab shall charge any fare or fee for the use of the taxicab within the city except in accordance with the schedule of rates approved by the city.
(2003 Code, § 112.06)  (Ord. 2771, passed 12-17-1987; Ord. 3152, passed 7-18-1996)  Penalty, see § 10.99