The following rules shall apply to shrubbery and ornamentation:
   (A)   Planting of shrubbery that will outgrow the size of the lot, such as rosebushes, large shrubbery, bayberry or evergreens, is prohibited;
   (B)   No shrubbery planting shall be permitted on corners of lots;
   (C)   The planting of dwarf evergreen shall be permitted: one on a half-size lot, two on a full-size lot;
   (D)   All shrubbery shall be planted in line with the marker;
   (E)   Shrubbery and labor must be furnished by lot owner, with planting under the supervision of the Cemetery Attendant;
   (F)   Artificial flowers may be used from one week prior to Memorial Day until March 15th of the following year. All decorations need to be removed by March 15th each year to allow for spring clean-up of the cemetery. In the event that decorations inhibit mowing and or maintenance of the cemetery they may be removed;
   (G)   No temporary or permanent sign or other device shall be placed at any location within Ridgewood Cemetery, if the same displays a verbal or graphic message that is of such a nature as to disturb the peace or tranquility of the cemetery; and
   (H)   The Cemetery Attendant shall have the right to remove any shrubbery and ornamentation which do not comply with the foregoing rules.
(2003 Code, § 97.06) (Ord. 1965, passed 6-19-1969; Ord. 3133, passed 10-19-1995; Ord. 2021-13, passed 4-15-2021) Penalty, see § 10.99